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Know These Tips For Taking Care of Furniture

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Taking Care of Oak Furniture   Never place oak furniture in direct sunlight day after day. Additionally, do not place it in front of heat runs, wood burning stoves or radiators. In adjusting to major changes in temperature and humidity, oak exchanges moisture with the air. Solid oak furniture will respond to extremely dry air by losing moisture and shrinking a bit. Without affecting the table’s strength or sturdiness, tabletop halves may part slightly, but they will close again when it becomes more humid. Avoid extreme humidity levels in your home, as furniture woods...

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It’s time for a party. Open that table wide with a smooth slide!

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Just like the outside of your table needs cleaning and polishing, the inside of a table with table slides needs some simple maintenance.  In the first picture you can see that the slide is out of position causing the gear to bind and making the table hard to open or close.  The fix can be straight forward. With the table open remove the screw holding the gear between the slides. There will be two slides and both may need adjusted. After removing the gear, position the slides as shown in the last picture so that the notch between the first and second teeth of the table slide line up with the...

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Know The Signs Of A Failing Finish

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When a finish fails, it is imperative that steps are taken so that the wood is not damaged by moisture, sun, or changes in the weather. What are the signs that a finish is failing? 1. The top of the table is sticky or tacky. 2. There is bubbling or crackling in the finish. 3. Discoloration  4. The leafs no longer match the table. This may also be due to discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight. Maple Table With Leaves When a table has been in one room for years it has often been exposed to sunlight day after day. Besides exposure to water, the rays of the sun are one of the most...

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Honoring Tradition With A Bench Built For Handtools

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When we say we are “Honoring a Tradition Held Only by Master Craftsmen” we mean it literally at Norman’s Handcrafted Furniture. A good set of hand tools and a great bench go hand in hand when building custom furniture. That’s why our sister company, Plate 11 Workbench offers bench kits and fully assembled benches complete with vise, holdfast, and planing stop. So whether you’re looking to buy furniture or build furniture we can take care of you. The bench pictured below is ready to take home. It comes complete with a leg vise from Lake Erie Toolworks that’s...

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Now That’s A Pocket Knife – World’s Largest Collection Of Mechanical Knives!

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Mark built this special red oak  case to display the worlds largest collection of mechanical knives. Most of these knives are one of a kind and priceless. The case was built to display the knives for the recent Atlanta Knife Show. It is constructed of two interlocking pieces making it easy to transport and set up. Knife DisplayCustom Knife Display Whether you need to display the world’s largest mechanical knife collection or special family keepsakes, come see us at Norman’s. We will build that case for you. Share this:EmailMoreShare on TumblrDiggPocketPrintLike this:Like...

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“Do you build furniture?”

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The phone rings and after my greeting the customer asks, “Do you build furniture?” I say yes we do and go on to say that we build custom furniture and that we can take their idea or design and build the perfect piece for their home. The Old South Country rocking chair is a customer favorite, but we were asked to make a change to the design. Below is a picture of a standard rocking chair and one with the customers design change. This rocker comes from one of our trusted Amish builders and he worked with us to meet the needs of our Louisiana customer. Do we build furniture? Yes we...

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